Coverstar has the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Coverstar offers a limited 7 year warranty on its fabric. This warranty includes things that other manufacturers don’t. For example, it includes the heat seal between the webbing to the fabric.  Other manufacturers sew their webbing to their fabric and do not usually warrant this connection as it can come apart before the cover needs to be replaced due to the breakdown of the threads. Coverstar heat seals its webbing directly to the fabric and is covered under the same warranty as the cover materials itself.




On all new Eclipse or CS3000 installations, Coverstar East Coast offers a one year warranty on the installation. During this one year period, if the cover appears to be running faulty our technicians will address the issue free of charge.




Electric Motor


The Coverstar motor has a 5 year warranty. If the motor becomes faulty, due to standard use during this period, Coverstar will replace or repair to amend the issue.



Repairs, Replacement Covers and Service


On all repairs, replacement covers and services performed on your automatic cover, Coverstar East Coast provides a 30 day labor warranty. If, during this time, labor that was rendered appears to have not resolved the issue, our technicians will provide additional service to amend the issue.



Hydraulic Pump


Coverstar's hydraulic pump is warranted for 3 years. If, during this time and through standard use, the pump becomes faulty, Coverstar East Coast's technicians will repair or replace to amend the fault.





Coverstar's mechanism on the Eclipse model has a warranty of 20 years and for the CS3000 10 years. During this period if the mechanism becomes faulty, Coverstar East Coast's technicians will amend the issue.